Since 1993,  FoxCom has been recognized as a leading manufacturer of advanced RF over Fiber Solutions for the commercial, government and military markets.

In ESB Sistemas we distribute and advice FoxCom product for more than 10 years being recognized nationally as a leading distributor of fiber optic RF solutions. We understand that FoxCom product is aimed at customers who want to give the best solution in terms of large areas concerned: housing estates, universities, hotels…

Their philosophy is one of constant improvement and development with several “firsts” in the industry. In addition to designing and manufacturing innovative RF to optical systems, our engineers are always attuned to the growing needs of our customers by providing off-the-shelf and custom solutions for a wide range of RF / Microwave applications.

Their capabilities cover DC to 15GHz, delivering unprecedented performance, making FoxCom the supplier of choice for leading satellite operators, broadcasters, broadband service providers, government and military organizations.

FoxCom organized around a global distribution network with sales in over fifty countries. FoxCom has delivered more than 25,000 RF over fiber systems to diverse market segments.


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